(Stomach & Digestive System)

Gastroenterology is primarily concerned with the study of diseases related to stomach and digestive system.

Our department of Gastroenterology of Excelcare Hospitals provides you with a team of highly experienced and skilled gastroenterologists who are dedicated and focuses on delivering accurate diagnosis the first time ensuring reception of the right treatment as soon as possible.

Our specialists are experienced in the areas of:

  • Gastroenterology (oesophageal and digestive system)
  • Hepatology (liver, gall bladder, bile ducts and pancreas)
  • Colorectal (large and small intestine)

Excelcare Hospitals is equipped with advanced equipments for endoscopy in addition to the highly skilled and professional nurses. We also provide excellent ancillary support in ultrasound, X-ray and MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to all patients that sums up your reason to choose us.