Excelcare Hospitals offers some of the most advanced Diagnostics Services in Guwahati, India. One such service offered by us is CT Scan – 128 Slice. This advanced form of imaging, the multi-slice detectors along with high powered computer programs allows us to get information on the coronary anatomical features in as few beats as possible, with 90% accuracy. The CT helps doctors in diagnosing certain diseases much faster, with greater ease, and arguably more accurately. The 128-Slice CT is an advanced technology that plays a crucial role in diagnosis of arteries or vessels related diseases.

Some of the Advantages of CT Scan – 128 Slice:

  • Acute chest pain can now be evaluated faster with a single scan.
  • The test compared to traditional methods is much faster and can take as little as 10 minutes from scan to diagnosis.
  • Patients now must hold their breath for almost half the time as the scan speed is much higher.
  • Real time images of beating heart make evaluating of heart valves and related structures much more accurate.
  • Risks and complications are reduced substantially since cardiac catheterization is no longer required.
  • With CT scan – 128 slice, there is no recovery time involved and so patients can leave immediately after their exam.
  • The procedure is less expensive than traditional angiography.

Parts of Body that are Examined with High Speed 128-Slice CT:

    • Narrowed vessels to diagnose cardiovascular disease
    • Arteries and Vessels all over the body to diagnose blockages
    • Intestine and Lungs to diagnose pre-cancerous tumours
    • To examine bone abnormalities
    • To diagnose abnormality of brain issue
    • To diagnose abnormality of abdominal tissue