The Emergency & Trauma Centre at Excelcare Hospitals is located on the ground floor to allow swift access while keeping in mind convenience in an emergency. Excelcare Hospitals’ Emergency & Trauma Centre is a 24×7 operational, state-of-the-art facility that offers comprehensive emergency and trauma care from minor to critical emergencies.

An experienced team of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel are available round the clock to manage emergencies in the 6 bedded emergency care centre with a minor OT. The Emergency & Trauma Centre also has dedicated elevators to ensure speedy transfer of patients to operating rooms and ICUs.

Ambulance Services
Round the clock ambulance services with advanced life support equipment and manned by trained personnel on board provide 24/7 support.

Emergency Number
A dedicated and easy to remember emergency access number: 0361 – 7140101

Blood Bank
State of the art Blood Bank operational 24×7.
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