Excelcare Hospitals uses advanced Immunotherapy for treatment of COVID-19

Guwahati: As Assam continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, all hospitals and other health care institutions are being stretched to their limits and are scrambling to deal with an unprecedented challenge. In the midst of this evolving crisis, Excelcare Hospital has quietly and steadily striven to fulfill its obligations towards its patients and the community.

Anticipating such a scenario, Excelcare Hospitals had procured the IL-6 measurement assay, which has been a real game changer in the management of the COVID-19 patients (being the only hospital in the northeast to provide this test, it has also become a vital resource for all the other hospitals in the city). This test detects the dreaded cytokine storm and effectively identifies those patients that need advanced therapy with the monoclonal antibody, Tocilizumab. Cytokine storm is a severe immune reaction in which the body releases too many cytokines into the blood too quickly. Cytokines play an important role in normal immune responses but having a large amount of them released in the body all at once can be life threatening. The test can also be used to assess a patient’s response to the treatment. This not only allows prompt identification of patients at risk but also prevents unnecessary use of an expensive and equally scarce medicine.

Excelcare Hospitals has also broken new ground by successfully administering convalescent plasma to one of its COVID patients which was made possible by the efforts of the Department of Transfusion Medicine, Excelcare Hospitals. A completely segregated COVID floor has been started that is managed by the COVID team, a dedicated group of nurses, aides, resident medical doctors, and specialty consultants, who are working 24×7 to provide the best possible care consistent with the latest state and national guidelines and breaking international research.

Around 30 COVID patients have been successfully treated and discharged till date. Many of the patients had severe symptoms requiring injectable antiviral therapy with Remdesivir and quite a few have also received the advanced immunomodulator, Tocilizumab.


Dr. Satyaki Saikia
Consultant (Internal Medicine)
Excelcare Hospitals

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