Rights of the patient

  1. Right to receive treatment irrespective of their type of primary and associated illnesses, socio-economic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, caste, cultural preferences, linguistic and geographical origins or political affiliations.
  2. Right to privacy during examination and treatment.
  3. Right to respectful, considerate and equitable access to quality medical care.
  4. Right to know about his/ her illness, treatment, prognosis and related information.
  5. Right to choose the doctors of his/ her choice.
  6. Right to confidentiality and privacy of their medical information.
  7. Right to know about alternative facilities and experts in the relevant field in case of an emergency.
  8. Right to enquire about the financial involvement.
  9. Right to information on organ donation.
  10. Right to a fair and prompt hearing of his/ her concern.

Responsibilities of the patient

  1. To provide correct and full information to the doctor about his/ her medical history.
  2. Abide by the rules of the hospitals and never lose patience.
  3. Take care of your own belongings. Hospital management does not take any such responsibilities whatsoever.
  4. Helps us to keep the hospital premises clean.
  5. Administration to be informed for grievance redressed.
  6. Feedback’s are welcome for further improvement.
  7. Clarify your payment details with the billing staff.
  8. To respect the rights of their health care provider and to exchange information in a non-abusive manner either physically or verbally while receiving care.
  9. To agree expenses of the treatment that is explained in advance and pay bills on time.
  10. Do not ask for surreptitious bills and false certificates, and/ or advocate forcefully by unlawful means.

Hospital rules

  1. Visitors are strictly prohibited in icu, ot, and dialysis unit.
  2. Children below 12 years of age are prohibited as visitors as they are more susceptible to infections.
  3. To ensure rest and quietness, you are requested to restrict the number of visitors. Too many visitors could increase infection in the ward/room, and this also puts additional burden on our housekeeping staff and hampers other services. More than two visitors at a time shall not be allowed.
  4. Please keep conversation and activities in the hallway short. Being quiet outside the patient rooms is important to ensure the comfort of patients.
  5. Visitors are not allowed to bring flowers and food from outside. These are sources of spreading infection, and hence, strictly prohibited in the hospital. The hospital provides the patient with diet prescribed by his/her doctor.
  6. Visitors and attendants are not allowed to bring their own personal electronic gadgets like dvd, music system, etc. Television with common or cable tv connections are provided in all patient and public areas of the hospital.
  7. Smoking is not permitted within the hospital premises.
  8. The hospital policy strictly prohibits consumption of alcohol anywhere in the hospital premises.
  9. Patients and visitors are requested not to take any photographs inside the hospital.
  10. The hospital employees have been instructed not to accept any tip or gratuity from patients or visitors.
  11. Spitting within hospital premises not allowed.